Last November at the American Anthropological Association Meetings I was on a great panel, an invited session, organized by Matt Durington and Sam Collins (Towson University). During the panel, Matt presented and shared one of his many pedagogical innovations, Cards Against Anthropology. A spin off of the popular Cards Against Humanity, CAA is designed to facilitate […]

Last week our meeting focused on regrouping and catching up; the team hadn’t met together formally in six months, since June 2015, so there was a lot of housekeeping to do. But not just housekeeping, reunion too: Some of us have been working on this project for eighteen months or more: Alexis Carlsson, Bhavika Patel, […]

The Asthma Files will be starting a three year investigation of environmental health governance in six cities: Albany, New York City, Philadelphia, Houston, Beijing, and Bengalura. The project focuses on efforts to understand and address the health effects of long term exposure to transportation-related air pollution: In each city studied, project researchers will examine the operation and […]

Asthmatic Spaces

We are just about five weeks away from the start of Drexel’s fall term, and I’m beginning to think about how to organize research activities for the year — do we have a big research group like last year? weekly meetings? everyone working together? but perhaps most important: what do people want to work on? Most […]

Philadelphia’s River Wards are characterized by industrial legacies that have left a distinct material and cultural imprint on the city’s northeast neighborhoods. Lining the Delaware River, Fishtown, Kensington, Port Richmond, and Bridesburg comprise one of eighteen planning districts that have been targeted by Philadelphia’s 2035 initiative. But how will sustainability initiatives – those led by the […]

We’ve finalized the line-up for the Shifting Energy Cultures speaker series. Our first event is two weeks from today, Wednesday February 11th from 12-2PM. Lunch is provided so please RSVP in advance of the event.  Get Smart: The Drexel Smart Campus We all turn on the lights and expect electricity to flow, but how efficient is […]

Next week the EPA will hold two public hearings on the proposed updates to the national air quality standards for ground-level ozone. These are scheduled for Thursday January 29th — one in Washington, DC and the second in Arlington, Texas. I won’t be able to attend the D.C. hearing, but plan to submit comments, which can […]

Asthmatic Spaces

Civic engagement is an area of focus for Drexel University. The Dornsife Center speaks to this focus. An urban extension center, Dornsife’s mission is to build relationships between West Philadelphia residents and students, faculty, and staff at Drexel. Having a physical space to develop community-university relationships is key, and the Center’s complex offers ample and diverse […]