Summer is officially ending over here at Drexel, and PHEEL had its first meeting of 2016-2017 on Friday September 16th. As I mentioned back in June, about two-thirds of our team graduated (yay!! + what?!) so this meeting focused on regrouping and setting an agenda for the year. We have a few key items to […]

Well, not everyone, but lots of PHEEL students are collecting diplomas at the end of this week and heading off to jobs in public health, environmental policy, or graduate school! Please join me in congratulating Eman Addish, Danni Bartolenzo, Alex Boudekadas, Elizabeth Ferris, Cat Lowther, Daisy Manapsal, Kathryn McNamara, Bhavika Patel, Shreya Patel, Hined Rafeh, […]

We have finished cleaning the data! Finally! Many thanks to Hined Rafeh for her diligent work on this — we look forward to sharing the beautiful graphs and charts that Hined has created in the process of making sure the data checked out. Thanks goes out to Dalton George as well, for diving into the data, […]

Mapping Perceptions Survey

Last week our meeting focused on regrouping and catching up; the team hadn’t met together formally in six months, since June 2015, so there was a lot of housekeeping to do. But not just housekeeping, reunion too: Some of us have been working on this project for eighteen months or more: Alexis Carlsson, Bhavika Patel, […]

After a very busy fall term, PHEEL reconvened on Tuesday; our group will be working together weekly, from 2:00-5:00PM on Tuesdays in Drexel’s Center for Science, Technology and Society. There is a sizable list of tasks that we want to complete by the end of the term, including a summary report for community groups and local […]

Mapping Perceptions Survey

Philadelphia’s River Wards are characterized by industrial legacies that have left a distinct material and cultural imprint on the city’s northeast neighborhoods. Lining the Delaware River, Fishtown, Kensington, Port Richmond, and Bridesburg comprise one of eighteen planning districts that have been targeted by Philadelphia’s 2035 initiative. But how will sustainability initiatives – those led by the […]

Our first phase of data collection for the River Wards Environmental Health Project has concluded. Our survey team spent 11 weeks in the field and visited 3,392 households. We completed 331 surveys and collected data for 223 blocks in the survey area. In our weekly project meetings, the survey team consistently reported that residents were […]

Mapping Perceptions Survey

This week the River Wards survey team began training for the field. Our team is a mix of undergraduate and graduate students from Drexel University, myself, and Russell Zerbo from the Clean Air Council. The team will be conducting our door-to-door survey four to five days a week in the study area – Port Richmond, […]

Mapping Perceptions Survey

The EnviroHealthSense team is gearing up to start fieldwork in the River Wards. This past month we have been sketching out residential areas where we would like to conduct our survey. We’ve been focused on Kensington and Port Richmond, but later this week we’ll head up to Bridesburg to map out the survey zone in that community […]

Last Saturday (July 12th) I went to NKCDC’s soil testing day with Dawn McDougall. The plan was for me to give a presentation on environmental hazards and soil contamination, but there was so much else going on that we tabled it for another event. At NKCDC’s Frankford Ave lot, residents not only screened soil from their yards, but could […]