Since 2015, the Philadelphia Health & Environmental Ethnography Lab has collected and recorded state remediation notices throughout the Philadelphia area. These notices have been collected from the Pennsylvania Bulletin, which is a weekly regulatory publication. Between January 2015 and May 2019, there were 518 environmental notices for the Philadelphia area, including notices of new air permits, soil and groundwater remediation, installation permits, renewals and extensions. Our work is ongoing but we have published below the most recent version of our map.

The map below includes all “notices of intent to remediate” since January 2015. There are 81 notices for 61 sites (many sites have several notices associated with the property). Use the map to zoom in and out of the city, which allows for a sense of notice distribution. Click on any of the icons to get the full bulletin text and a link to the original posting. Note that some locations have multiple notices associated with them.

A number of Drexel students have worked in this project, including Linda Croskey, Maggie McNulty, and Skylar Ricci. We would also like to thank Russ Zerbo from Clean Air Council for sending us weekly notices.

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