Among the many things I’ve learned over the years is that environmental health today is very much entangled, produced even, by infrastructures of all kinds — information and scientific, governmental and built, and of course healthcare systems. It’s easy for infrastructure to slip from view, if it’s ever seen at all. Given these traits, I […]

The “Climate, Health, and Home” project is a collaborative series of workshops focused on the health-impacts of climate change in Philadelphia. In Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence, the NAAEE uses “Climate, Health, and Home” as a case study to explore community engagement about climate change and health (page 27). Read the report here

Climate Health and Home

I’m in Southern California for the next six days, hanging out with anthropologists and talking about research, design, and ethics. “Ethnography and Design: Mutual Provocations” is organized and hosted by CoLED; the conference is situated in the tradition of experimental ethnography. In addition to learning about CoLED and the work of scholars and practitioners in the […]


At the first Drexel STS Works in Progress talk, Alex Skula and I presented some findings from our study with Public Lab. We’ve been working with Gretchen Gehreke and Nick Shapiro this year, surveying state health departments about their capacity to respond to citizen requests for information about indoor air contaminants, and residential testing. I […]

Asthmatic Spaces

Summer is officially ending over here at Drexel, and PHEEL had its first meeting of 2016-2017 on Friday September 16th. As I mentioned back in June, about two-thirds of our team graduated (yay!! + what?!) so this meeting focused on regrouping and setting an agenda for the year. We have a few key items to […]

(This text was written for The Asthma Files quarterly newsletter) We ran the first 6Cities field school in Philadelphia this summer. Based out of Drexel University, I had the opportunity to run the field school as a 4-credit course in the College of Arts and Sciences during the summer quarter. Rather than taking the full […]

I am really jazzed to be teaching a new course during Drexel’s summer quarter, “Civic Field School.” It’s an intensive — a ten week course packed into five — and also a hybrid, which means that half our time is spent in the classroom, and the other half is spent in the field or online. […]

Asthmatic Spaces

Well, not everyone, but lots of PHEEL students are collecting diplomas at the end of this week and heading off to jobs in public health, environmental policy, or graduate school! Please join me in congratulating Eman Addish, Danni Bartolenzo, Alex Boudekadas, Elizabeth Ferris, Cat Lowther, Daisy Manapsal, Kathryn McNamara, Bhavika Patel, Shreya Patel, Hined Rafeh, […]

Last November at the American Anthropological Association Meetings I was on a great panel, an invited session, organized by Matt Durington and Sam Collins (Towson University). During the panel, Matt presented and shared one of his many pedagogical innovations, Cards Against Anthropology. A spin off of the popular Cards Against Humanity, CAA is designed to facilitate […]

We have finished cleaning the data! Finally! Many thanks to Hined Rafeh for her diligent work on this — we look forward to sharing the beautiful graphs and charts that Hined has created in the process of making sure the data checked out. Thanks goes out to Dalton George as well, for diving into the data, […]

Mapping Perceptions Survey