Read Part 1 Here Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping can elucidate neighborhoods that are at high risk of flooding, as well as the infrastructure that is currently in place to combat flooding events. I used the Flood Insurance Rate Map database established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to map areas that are within the […]

Climate Health and Home

Riverine Flooding in Wissahickon Creek – Photo by Steven-L-Johnson on Flickr Background A flood is the overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines. Flooding is a pressing problem in Philadelphia with several causes; a problem that is likely worsening as the climate changes. Geographic Information System mapping can visually exhibit the […]

Climate Health and Home

This summer the ‘Climate, Health, and Home’ project team ran three workshops in Philadelphia. The workshop theme this year focused on senior citizens, heat waves, and emergency preparedness. The presentations also provided basic information about climate change in Philadelphia, how climate change impacts health, and how Philadelphians can modify their home environments with air quality, […]

Asthmatic Spaces

Last week our meeting focused on regrouping and catching up; the team hadn’t met together formally in six months, since June 2015, so there was a lot of housekeeping to do. But not just housekeeping, reunion too: Some of us have been working on this project for eighteen months or more: Alexis Carlsson, Bhavika Patel, […]