Unlock Nature by Allen lai
Unlock Nature by Allen lai

We have finished cleaning the data! Finally! Many thanks to Hined Rafeh for her diligent work on this — we look forward to sharing the beautiful graphs and charts that Hined has created in the process of making sure the data checked out. Thanks goes out to Dalton George as well, for diving into the data, asking questions, and giving us a fresh perspective on things.

Now that the numbers have been verified, we can start looking at some of the question responses together. For example, does number of years lived in the neighborhood matter for involvement in community organizations? Or, is there a relationship between income and whether people think their neighborhood is more healthy than other Philadelphia neighborhoods? To signify the transition from data verification to final data analysis, we’re now calling this project group, the SPSS team; this team includes Hined, Dalton, and now Alex Boukedes too, an environmental policy graduate student who has just  joined the PHEEL team — welcome Alex!

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