Shreya Patel, Fieldwork, October 2014

Well, not everyone, but lots of PHEEL students are collecting diplomas at the end of this week and heading off to jobs in public health, environmental policy, or graduate school!

Please join me in congratulating Eman Addish, Danni Bartolenzo, Alex Boudekadas, Elizabeth Ferris, Cat Lowther, Daisy Manapsal, Kathryn McNamara, Bhavika Patel, Shreya Patel, Hined Rafeh, and Elisa Sarantschin — you will be sorely missed at Drexel and PHEEL!

I am so incredibly proud and inspired by these women! The world is very lucky to have such amazing researchers and scholars engaging in critical social justice work. I wish you all the best in your new professional homes!

Shreya Patel, Fieldwork, October 2014
Shreya Patel, Fieldwork, October 2014


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