Hazard Reporting Project

Summer is officially ending over here at Drexel, and PHEEL had its first meeting of 2016-2017 on Friday September 16th. As I mentioned back in June, about two-thirds of our team graduated (yay!! + what?!) so this meeting focused on regrouping and setting an agenda for the year. We have a few key items to focus on this fall →

+ Kathryn McNamara will have an article draft for us to review on October 7

+ We’ll also be continuing work on the white paper

+ Creating guidelines for collaborators and collaboration, as well as writing a mission statement

+ Playing around with the idea of a data menu (great idea Britt Salen!)

We reconvene on October 14th to discuss Kathryn’s article draft!


(Here is an ESRI map that Bhavika Patel has been working on; it documents Russ Zerbo’s everyday hazard reporting using Philly311. The map is still in the works but I’m pretty jazzed about what we’re learning through Bhavika and Russ’s work.)

Hazard Reporting Project
Hazard Reporting Project

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