This week the River Wards survey team began training for the field. Our team is a mix of undergraduate and graduate students from Drexel University, myself, and Russell Zerbo from the Clean Air Council. The team will be conducting our door-to-door survey four to five days a week in the study area – Port Richmond, Bridesburg, and Kensington neighborhoods. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays the team will be in the field from 4:30 to 7:30PM, on Fridays from 10:30-1:30PM, and on Saturdays from 12-3PM. We head into the field next Monday September 29th and will continue to survey through Drexel’s fall term, until December 12th.

Brittany Salen setting up the database for our survey and observation sheets.
Brittany Salen setting up the database for our survey and observation sheets.

The training sessions provided students with information and tools for working in the field. We provided background information on each neighborhood, including demographics, landscape, and industrial legacies; guidelines for conduct at the door and how to work through the survey area (thanks to Will Fraser at the Clean Air Council for helping with this part of the training and Brittany Salen for creating our fieldwork maps); and a detailed review of the study instruments, our survey and observation sheets. We also discussed the methodologies that inform the study, taken from the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) an interdisciplinary community with roots in a number of social sciences.

We’re still looking for volunteers to help us with fieldwork. Please get in touch if you’re interested in joining our survey team.

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