The “Climate, Health, and Home” project is a collaborative undertaking among Philadelphia-based organizations, including Clean Air Council, Energy Coordinating Agency, Drexel University, GreenTreks, Liberty Lutheran, National Nurse-Led Care Consortium, and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. The project began in 2014, under the direction of Saleem Chapman (Clean Air Council), Rachael Greenberg (National Nurse-Led Care Consortium) and Ali Kenner (Drexel University) and is currently in its fourth year. 

The “Climate, Health, and Home” project is funded by the Franklin Institute’s Climate and Urban Systems Partnership. Each summer, project collaborators run a series of workshops focused on the health-impacts of climate change in Philadelphia. Workshops cover the science of global climate change as well as what Philadelphians will experience or have experienced already. Workshop activities teach community members about health impacts, the relationship between outdoor and indoor environments, and also strategies for mitigating impacts at home — such as energy saving tips, emergency preparedness, and building social networks in the neighborhood.

2018: Flooding and Mold in the Home


Staying Healthy and Safe During Severe Storms

Mold, Your Home, & You

Home Repair and You

Workshop Resources:

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Workshop Flyers

Introduction to Mapping Flood Risk in Philadelphia

Flood Infrastructure in Philadelphia

Predicted Housing Damage due to Flooding

Predicted Economic Loss due to Flooding

History Explains East Germantown Flood

2017: Staying Cool in Climate Change


Climate Change, Your Health, and Home

Summer in the City

Extreme Heat

ECA Programs and Services

Workshop Resources:

Mapping Activity

Asthma Safe Cleaning Products

CDC Heat Brochure

FEMA Emergency Supply Checklist

Nurse Managed Health Clinics in Philadelphia

Philadelphia OEM Emergency Contact Form

Step-By-Step Energy Saving Guide – ECA

Summer Cooling Tips 

2016: Health in the Face of Climate Change

Health in the Face of Climate Change

Asthma Triggers

Energy Saving Guide

PDPH Summer Health Bulletin

2015: Talking About Climate Change

Workshop Flyer

2014: A Healthier Home in a Changing Environment